Who We Are

Web-based efficient system

We use a U.S. Customs-approved web-based application designed to support the data processing operations. We use the power of the Internet to communicate efficiently with importers, freight forwarders, container freight stations, and warehouses.   

We Speak English & Chinese

More and more freight coming to U.S. from China. We have Chinese speaking broker to help you reach your needs most efficiently. 

We can explain Tariff rates changes and other customs regulations to our customers and their suppliers in their own language.

One Efficient Point of Contact

Business is more efficient when communication is direct. With ABCO, you have a single dedicated point of contact. In the background, a skilled team makes your interests their priority. Your experience is clear and consistent, shipment after shipment. 

First Time Importer?

 We are here to help you step by step--to file 10+2 (ISF) Importer Security Filing, to clear customs, to deliver your cargo to your door. 

Seasoned Importer?

Optimize the release of your goods through Customs and Border Protection (CBP) every time. We help you with surety bonds, security filings, and the requirements of other agencies such as FDA. 

Quality Service is our Key

We built our reputation on excellence in customs clearance with a constand focus on serving our customers.


"Relieved to hear such news. Thank,  Relieved to hear such news. Thank YOU! Grazie mille, times a million. I can't tell you how helpful and easy you made this process. I greatly appreciate it."

----- John D. from Durham California

 "...thank you .We will work with you in the future. You did a great job.and Have a Happy Thanksgiving."

----- M. Mohammed from Los Angeles, CA

 "... thank you so very very much! You rock! I am sure we will do more business together under less stressful circumstances. Next time i will much better prepared."

 ----- A. Sanders from East Meredith, NY 

"​...You have gone above and beyond with great customer service, and I thank you so much!"

 ----- M. Welzenback from Lake Forest, CA